Rental Terms & Conditions

Sporthaus rental terms and conditions

I am sorry we are out of ski and snowboard equipment to rent for February 26, 27 & 28. We do have snowshoes available.

Since the demand for weekend daily rental is great, we are implementing a revised weekend rental program. As of 01/25/2021 if you want to rent on a Sunday please mark that you are skiing on Saturday. This will allow you to pick up the equipment on Friday and return it on Monday and be charged for 1 day. Too many of our Sunday riders were not getting equipment. This new system gives everyone the same chance to get equipment. Please remember we set up the packages on first reserved first set up basis. 

All daily renters must reserve equipment online at least 2 days in advance of their adventure. At this time, we are limited to performance snowboard, junior basic snowboard, basic ski, and jr. ski packages due to inventory.

Since this is our busiest time of the year, we must control the amount of people in our rental section. Equipment can be picked up after 11:00 AM the day before you go (unless you are renting on a Monday in which case you need to pick up Saturday because we are closed on Sundays).

When you arrive to pick up the equipment you will have to sign into our check in computer upstairs. After signing in, your name will appear on the television que screen. When your name makes it to the top of the screen you and the rest of your group will be allowed downstairs to pick up your equipment.

If you have not rented from Sporthaus before, our rental technicians will pick sizes according to your weight, height, shoe size, and ability. Changes can be made at time of pickup. We highly recommend you bring your ski socks.

If you have rented from Sporthaus previously we will use you last rental ticket to determine sizes.

Renters with their own ski boots must bring both boots in for visual inspection and binding adjustment.

After the holidays walk-in’s will be welcome, but now all rentals must be reserved online. Rental availability is variable depending on returns. Please do not call to check on availability, as we do not accept hold requests via phone.

You are responsible for the equipment while you have it and will be charged for any damage or lost items. 

Do not ski or snowboard in the parking lot as this causes damage to the bases. A $45.00 fee will be charged to skis or snowboards with this damage.

Equipment returned late will be charged the daily rate until returned.


Thank-you & Have Fun!
The Sporthaus Crew